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Back on the beat with Sun Hill's Finest...
From its origin as a single play in ITV s Storyboard series (presented here as a special feature), The Bill began as three hour-long series before being relaunched and reformatted into the long-running, regular weekly ratings hit that it has now become. Critically acclaimed, the series has become compulsive viewing for millions of people over the last 20 years and this series features some of the viewing public s favourite characters, including DI Galloway (John Salthouse), Sgt. Cryer (Eric Richard), PC Carver (Mark Wingett), PC Hollis (Jeff Stewart), WPC Ackland (Trudie Goodwin) and Det. Sgt. Roach (Tony Scannell).

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    Disc No: 1
    1.   SHOUTS AND RED HERRINGS - Clashing personalities mean friction in Sun Hill Nick to say nothing of the hassle on the streets.
    2.   SUSPECTS - A wage snatch a culprit and Galloways nose. Combine the three and the result surprises everyone.
    3.   LOST - For Sun Hill a missing child means heartache and hard work. But who cares when theres a good result. If theres a good result…
    4.   HOME BEAT - Petty crime and racial attacks; can a community police itself or will it always need men like Cryers to do the dirty work.
    Disc No: 2
    1.   HOSTAGE - The annual outing for Sun Hills ¬fisherman has a catch in it that nobody wants to deal with…
    2.   THIS LITTLE PIG - An oasis of sanity or just a branch offi¬ce of bedlam? Sun Hill is hardly a place to be caught working overtime.
    3.   RINGER - Accidents can happen but the boys from Sun Hill know that they are not always what they seem.
    4.   PUBLIC AND CONFIDENTIAL- Nervous foreigners and a ¬fiddler on the roof. As usual Sun Hill is about as quiet and as peaceful as a Rugby scrum.
    Disc No: 3
    1.   LOAN SHARK - Fly-dumping shoplifting and drunken abusive neighbours: all in a days work for the coppers of Sun Hill Nick.
    2.   WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT? - Hindered by one girl confused by another Galloway tries to bring a man to justice.
    3.   WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? - A murder and a football match both need a satisfactory result and its important that the Station gives a good show both on and off pitch.
    4.   THE CHIEF SUPERS PARTY - A farewell a promotion and a coup sometimes celebration can be dangerous. After this party it looks as though others may also be leaving.
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