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Back on the beat - where it all began...
From its origin as a single play in ITV s Storyboard series (presented here as a special feature), The Bill began as three hour-long series before being relaunched and reformatted into the long-running, regular weekly ratings hit that it has now become. Critically acclaimed, the series has become compulsive viewing for millions of people over the last 25 year and features some of the viewing public s favourite characters, including DI Galloway (John Salthouse), Sgt. Cryer (Eric Richard), PC Carver (Mark Wingett), PC Litten (Gary Olsen), PC Hollis (Jeff Stewart), WPC Ackland (Trudie Goodwin) and Det. Sgt Roach (Tony Scannell).

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    Disc No: 1
    1.   STORYBOARD - WOODENTOP - Its PC Jim Carvers first day at Sun Hill mentored by WPC June Ackland he thinks hes having a bad day when they find the dead body of an old woman but worse is to come.
    2.   FUNNY OLD BUSINESS COPS AND ROBBERS Car crime is on the rise and PCs Carver and Edwards manage to arrest a suspected car thief.
    3.   A FRIEND IN NEED - Carvers in trouble again when a drunk accuses him of stealing his money. Sun Hill is rocked by a series of bomb threats.
    Disc No: 2
    1.   CLUTCHING AT STRAWS - Carvers self-control is put to the test when he investigates an alleged child molester.
    2.   LONG ODDS -PC Litten is in trouble for subverting the chain of command. Using his information DI Galloway moves in on an armed robbery suspect.
    3.   ITS NOT SUCH A BAD JOB AFTER ALL - Investigations into a teenage suicide lead to the seedy world of pornography.
    Disc No: 3
    1.   THE DRUGS RAID - A well-planned drugs raid goes awry when DI Galloways informer is stabbed to death and the ringleader flees in a car with diplomatic plates.
    2.   A DANGEROUS BREED - PC Litten seconded to the CID fi¬nds himself duped when two boys he collars for a burglary are set up by his informant for the reward money.
    3.   ROUGH IN THE AFTERNOON - Problems arise when a car is stolen from the police pound. The offi¬cers get involved in a ‘domestic when an estranged father abducts his son.
    Disc No: 4
    1.   BURNING THE BOOKS - The CID are on the trail of a thug who has stolen a briefcase from a car. The theft leads them to an old adversary of Galloways.
    2.   DEATH OF A CRACKSMAN - Hot on the trail of a safebreaker who has escaped from prison CID discover he has been killed.
    3.   THE SWEET SMELL OF FAILURE - An elderly couple found thieving from residential houses puts Ackland and Carver on the trail of a bogus perfume factory.
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