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Reenlist for one last tour of duty as Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton return in the fifth and fi nal hilarious season of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Join Gomer, Sgt. Carter and abattalion of famous guest stars as they keep America safe from marriage-minded moviestars, hot-blooded South American generals, phony computer dating services, little old lady pickpockets and more in this hysterical four-disc DVD collection. Featuring 30laugh-fi lled episodes, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C The Final Season is an uproarious twentyone fun salute to one of the greatest comedy series in television history. Shazam!

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    Disc No: 1
    1.   CAR FOR SALE: Despite having promised his car to Sgt Hacker Carter decides to sell it to Gomer instead.
    2.   CORPORAL DUKE: Promoted to Corporal Duke Slater returns to Camp Henderson but can't escape his old reputation.
    3.   THE BOOTY PRIZE: Carter wins the battalion's booby prize- a lead boot- which promptly gets stuck on his foot.
    4.   RETURN OF MONROE: Gomer's forced to compete for Lou Ann when her ex-boyfriend pays her a visit.
    5.   JUST MOVE YOUR LIPS SERGEANT: The platoon's chance to sing in a movie is put at risk when it's discovered Carter cant carry a tune.
    6.   ALL YOU NEED IS ONE GOOD BREAK: A stuntwoman's heroics get credited to Gomer and Carter instead.
    7.   A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE: A foreign movie star faces deportation unless she can get either Gomer or Carter to marry her.
    8.   A STAR IS NOT BORN: Cast in a Hollywood movie Carter has trouble delivering his one line of dialogue.
    Disc No: 2
    9.   COME BLOW YOUR TOP: Challenged to hold his temper for 24 hours Carter enlists Gomer's aid to help him win the bet.
    10.   A LITTLE CHICKEN SOUP WOULDN'T HURT: A lonely widow gets to fuss over Gomer and his buddies when they fall in love with her cooking.
    11.   GOMER THE PERFECT M.P: Posted on guard duty Gomer refuses to let Carter pass through the camp's back gate.
    12.   THE WILD BULL RETURNS: Camp Henderon's good neighbor policy is put to the test when a visiting South American general fall in love with Carter's girlfriend.
    13.   HIT AND WRITE: When he accidentally scratches a car's fender Carter agrees to pay for it.. until he gets the bill.
    14.   TWO ON THE BENCH: An envious Carter refuses to believer Gomer actually knows a famous football star.
    15.   A TATTOO FOR GOMER: Gomer's practical joke backfires when Lou-Ann takes a liking to his fake tattoo.
    16.   WIN A DATE: Romantic complications arise when Gomer and Carter appear as contestants on a TV dating show.
    Disc No: 3
    17.   MARRIAGE SGT CARTER STYLE: Under the impression Gomer wouldn't reenlist if he were married Carter tries to push him into a hasty wedding.
    18.   MARRIAGE SGT CARTER STYLE: Under the impression Gomer wouldn't reenlist if he were married Carter tries to push him into a hasty wedding.
    19.   DYNAMITE DINER: Gomer and Lou-Ann assist in the opening of a new diner unaware the two owners are secretly planning to rob the bank next door.
    20.   FREDDY'S FRIENDLY COMPUTER: Gomer and Carter fall victim to a new computer dating service run by Friendly Freddy the con man.
    21.   GOMER MANEUVERS: Tempers flare when Gomer inadvertantly reveals his platoon's position during war game maneuvers.
    22.   GOMER TENDS A SICK KAT: When Gomer overhears a conversation about a sick cat he mistakenly believes it's Carter who is ill.
    23.   I'M ALWAYS CHASING GOMERS: To avoid a nervous breakdown Carter heads home to Kansas unaware Gomer is on the same flight.
    Disc No: 4
    24.   THE SHORT VOYAGE HOME: Entrusted with Gomer's life savings Carter managers to get his pocket picked by a little old lady.
    25.   PROXY PAPA: When a fellow Marine breaks his leg its up to Gomer and Carter to deliver his expectant wife to the hospital.
    26.   HARE TODAY GONE TOMORROW: Carter allows a pet rabbit to escape not realizing it belongs to the general's son.
    27.   FLOWER POWER: Military camouflage goes psychadelic when three hippies help Gomer paint a truck fro maneuvers.
    28.   SHOW TIME WITH SGT CAROL: Carol Barnes returns to Camp Henderson where she hopes to recruit Gomer into singing in her talent show.
    29.   MY FAIR SISTER: Carter tries to glamorize his sister so Gomer will escort her to the dance.
    30.   GOODBYE CAMP HENDERSON HELLO SGT CARTER: No longer wishing to be a bother to Sgt Carter Gomer requests a transfer to another base.
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