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Attention! (ah-ten-shun) Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors), the well-intentioned, gentle but not very bright recruit from Mayberry, North Carolina, returns in season four of his tour of duty. Stationed at Camp Henderson marine base, Gomer's naivete and innocence often gets him into hot water, and it's usually at the hands of his extremely vocal superior, Sgt. Carter (Frank Sutton). Surprise, suprise, suprise!!! Join Gomer and the boys from his beloved Plantoon as Gomer bumbles his way through this 5-disc set, which includes 30 newly remastered episodes. Loaded with laughs, this hugely popular series will bring you hours of family entertainment.

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    Disc No: 1
    1.   A VISIT FROM AUNT BEE: Aunt Bee objects to Carter's attitude toward Gomer.
    2.   THE RECRUITING POSTER: Gomer learns his face will be on a recruiting poster- instead of Sgt Carter's.
    3.   CORPORAL CAROL: A man-hungry woman Marine tries to break up Gomer and Lou Ann.
    4.   LEADER OF MEN: A visiting Congressman suggests a promotion for Gomer and Carter nearly loses his stripes training Gomer to take command.
    5.   BEAUTIFUL DREAMER: Gomer's dreams keep coming true and his latest has Carter proposing to Bunny.
    6.   THE GREAT TALENT HUNT: Gomer represents his platoon in a talent contest.
    Disc No: 2
    7.   GOMER SAYS 'HEY' TO THE PRESIDENT: Lost Gomer winds up in the President's office.
    8.   AND A CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM: Gomer and Carter try helping a Japanese boy who claims he's lost.
    9.   THE SHOW MUST GO ON: Gomer has stage fright and loses his voice just before a Washington show.
    10.   THE BETTER MAN: Lou Ann's father and ex-fiance come to town and her father tries to persuade her to discard Gomer.
    11.   TO WATCH A THIEF: Gomer thinks Carter has stolen a watch.
    12.   THE PRIZE BOAT: Gomer wins a boat in a jingle contest but its Carter who navigates into troubled waters.
    Disc No: 3
    13.   FRIENDLY FREDDY STRIKES AGAIN: Con artist Freddy sells Gomer a pearl ring for his girlfriend Lou Ann then schemes to get it back.
    14.   CHANGE PARTNERS: Carter and Bunny have a fight.
    15.   WILD BULL FROM PAMPAS: A Latin American military man plots the overthrow of Sgt Carter.
    16.   GOMER THE GOOD SAMARITAN: Gomer is assigned to pick up a general but gets sidetracked.
    17.   GOMER THE PRIVILEGED CHARACTER: Gomer is excused from regular duties for singing rehearsals when he's chosen to perform at a base variety show.
    18.   GOMER GOES HOME: Gomer goes home to Mayberry and becomes involved in the search for a bank robber.
    Disc No: 4
    19.   A DOG IS A DOG: Carter and Gomer are assigned to watch the colonel's German Shepherd but Gomer loses it.
    20.   LOVE FINDS GOMER PYLE: A 15-year-old girl develops a crush on Gomer.
    21.   GOMER AND THE QUEEN OF BURLESQUE: Sgt Carter gets Gomer a date with an exotic dancer.
    22.   THE CARRIAGE WAITS: A department store accidentally sends Gomer a baby carriage.
    23.   SERGEANT LAGO: Gomer tries to make Lou Ann jealous by having Carter tell her he is seeing other women.
    24.   GOODBYE DOLLY: Gomer saves an old horse from the glue factory and tries to hide her at the base.
    Disc No: 5
    25.   THE PRICE OF TOMATOES: Gomer befriends a couple who claim Camp Henderson is on their land.
    26.   CHEF FOR A DAY: Gomer's cooking skills might get him assigned to the kitchen permanently.
    27.   GOMER AND THE NIGHT CLUB COMIC: Gomer tries to help a night club comedian who is about to be fired.
    28.   LOVE AND GOULASH: Gomer becomes involved in a Hungarian family feud when he spends the weekend with a friend.
    29.   AND BABY MAKES THREE: Gomer sneaks a baby onto the base when he babysits for a friend- just as the colonel is due on an inspection tour.
    30.   FRIENDLY FREDDY THE GENTLEMAN'S TAILOR: Gomer and Carter buy 'Hong Kong Suits' from con man Friendly Freddy.
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