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Well, goll-ly! GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C. is back and reporting for duty! A highly successful spin-off of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, the immensely popular SECOND SEASON will have you laughing til it hurts. Gomer s (Jim Nabors) misadventures in the Marine Corps and his country bumpkin ways may bring out the worst in his hardnosed, blustering drill instructor, but deep down inside, Sgt. Carter (Frank Sutton) can t help but be affected by Gomer s huge heart and noble intentions.

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    Disc No: 1
    1.   P.F.C GOMER PYLE: Carter postpones his vacation until all of his men pass ther PFC exams. Everyone does- except Gomer.
    2.   THIRD FINGER LEFT LOAF: Best man Gomer loses the wedding ring and fears it's buried inside one of 600 loaves of bread.
    3.   THE BLIND DATE: Gomer's blind date thinks he's a millionaire oil baron- thanks to Carter.
    4.   HOME ON THE RANGE: Gomer befriends some homeless hillbilllies and then houses them in a war games target shack.
    5.   GOMER UNTRAINS A DOG: Gomer transforms a ferocious gurad dog into a pet.
    6.   SUPPLY SERGEANTSS NEVER DIE: Carter says the position of Supply Sergeant is for knuckleheads- and perfect for Gomer.
    Disc No: 2
    7.   CAT OVERBOARD: Gomer sneaks a stray cat on board ship and then discovers its pregnant.
    8.   GOMER SAPTURES A SUBMARINE: Gomer goofs uup a simple reconnaissance mission.
    9.   THE GRUDGE FIGHT: Carter unwittingly challenges a former boxing champ to a match.
    10.   GOMER THE STAR WITNESS: When Carter has a car accident Gomer is the only witness
    11.   A VISIT FROM COUSIN GOOBER: Goober pays a surprise visit and then slips into a unifom.
    12.   A GROOM FOR SERGEANT CARTER'S SISTER: Gomer tries to convince Carther that his future brother-in-law is a ncie guy.
    Disc No: 3
    13.   GOMER MINDS HIS SERGEANT'S CAR: Carter's car is stolen and wrecked- on Gomer's watch.
    14.   GOMER THE PEACEMAKER: Gomer tries to patch things up between Carter and his girlfriend.
    15.   GOMER PYLE P.O.W: While on maneuvers Gomer is catpured by the enemy.
    16.   GOMER PYLE CIVILIAN: When Carter order Gomer to take furlough he signs up for a civilian jon on the base.
    17.   GOMER AND THE BEAST: The unhappy waitress Gomer tries cheering up turns out to be the girlfriend of a tough Marine sergeant.
    18.   GRANDMA PYLE FORTUNE TELLER: Gomer's fortune-telling grandma predicts Carter's future.
    Disc No: 4
    19.   ARRIVEDERCI GOMER: When Gomer sings an Italian love song to his friend's sister her mother thinks he's proposing.
    20.   SERGEANT CARTER DATES A PYLE: Gomer thinks Carter and his cousing Bridey Pyle would make the perfect couple.
    21.   LITTLE GIRL BLUE: Gomer makes friends with a visiting colonel's lonely little daughter.
    22.   A STAR IS BORN: Carter gets top billing in a documenatary film about the Marine Corps.
    23.   GOMER AND THE PHONE COMPANY: Gomer tries to give back $40 that fell out of a pay phone and gets arrested.
    24.   DUKE SLATER NIGHT CLUB COMIC: Duke wins a talent contest by doing impersonations of Gomer and Carter.
    Disc No: 5
    25.   VACATION IN LAS VEGAS: Gomer wins a free weekend for two in Vegas- and invies Carter.
    26.   OPIE JOINS THE MARINES: Opie Tayler runs away from Mayberry to join the Marines.
    27.   A DATE WITH MISS CAMP HENDERSON: Carter bets Gomer that he cant get a date with a beauty contest winner.
    28.   GOMER AND THE FATHER FIGURE: Carter and Gomer fall for an old man's con game.
    29.   DESK JOB FOR SERGEANT CARTER: Carter takes a temp;orary desk job and becomes upset when his platoon doesnt miss him.
    30.   GOMER THE WOULD BE HERO: Carter lets Gomer take credit for a heroic act so his girlfriend wont discover he'd been cheating on her.
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