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Forrest Compton., Frank Sutton, Jim Nabors, Ted Bessell, William Christopher
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Gomer Pyle the simple-minded gas station attendant and later auto mechanic in the American TV sitcom the Andy Griffith show, was played for 23 episodes by Jim Nabors in 1962-1964. After two years of portraying Gomer, Nabors continued the character in his own starring vehicle, Gomer pyle the simple-minded gas station attendant and later auto mechanic in the american TV sitcom the andy griffith show, was played for 23 episodes by jim nabors in 1962-1964.After two years of portraying gomer, nabors continued the character in his own starring vehicle, gomer pyle, u.S.M.C. Which ran until 1969.

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    Disc No: 1
    1.   GOMER OVERCOMES THE OBSTACLE COURSE: Eager to please Sgt Carter Gomer goes above and beyond the call of duty to conquer the obstacle course.
    2.   GUEST IN THE BARRACKS: Sgt Carter blows a gasket when he catches a red-faced Gomer sneaking a recruit's girlfriend into the barracks.
    3.   PRIVATE RALPH SKUNK: Gomer adopts a pet skunk over Sgt Carter's protests and turns it into a secret weapon for the Marines.
    4.   CAPTAIN IRONPANTS: Gomer is going to transform a straightlaced lady Marine into a glamour girl.
    5.   GOMER LEARNS A BULLY: A new recruit bent on trouble is transferred to Sgt Carter's platoon and targets Gomer as his patsy.
    6.   PAY DAY: When Gomer is caught loafing he refuses part of his paycheck despite opposition from the Pentagon.
    Disc No: 2
    7.   NOBODY LOVES A SERGEANT: No matter how hard Sgt Carter 'rides' Gomer the recruit cant help liking him- a source of unending torment for Carter.
    8.   GOMER AND THE DRAGON LADY: In revenge for fouling up and exercise Carter pits an unwitting Gomer against the alluring but un-kissable 'Dragon Lady'.
    9.   SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST: As the oddest pair in a five-day wilderness survival test Gomer and Carter manage to surprise everyone.
    10.   A DATE FOR THE COLONEL'S DAUGHTER: When Gomer escorts the Colonel's daughter to an enlisted men's dance the Colonel's wife pegs Gomer as a wolf.
    11.   THEY SHALL NOT PASS: Gomer concocts some way-out tactics when his platoon takes to the field for war games.
    12.   SERGEANT CARTER MARINE BABYSITTER: On the way to pick up his date Carter gives Gomer a lift and ends up spending the whole evening babysitting.
    Disc No: 3
    13.   THE CASE OF THE MARINE BANDIT: Gomer and Carter become unwitting accomplices in a slippery robbery scheme.
    14.   SERGEANT OF THE WEEK: Carter mistakenly believes Pyle is dying and tries to make Gomer's 'last days' as pleasant as possible.
    15.   GRANDPA PYLE'S GOOD LUCK CHARM: Gomer thinks the good luck charm given to him by Grandpa Pyle will turn him into a leader of men.
    16.   DANCE MARINE DANCE: Carter tries everything in his power to break the contract that he and Gomer signed for dance lessons.
    17.   SERGEANT CARTER'S FAREWELL TO HIS TROOPS: When Sgt Carter announces he's quitting the Corps his men hope a certain sexy lady Marine can help to change his mind.
    18.   THE FEUDIN' PYLES: After Gomer buddies up with a fellow country boy from near his hometown he discovers their families are feuding.
    Disc No: 4
    19.   LOVE LETTERS TO THE SARGE: Sgt Carter is on Cloud Nine when he starts receiving anonymous love notes- written by Gomer.
    20.   SERGEANT CARTER GETS A 'DEAR JOHN' LETTER: When he receives a 'Dear John' letter Carter thinks things couldnt get any worse- until he finds out the 'other man' is Gomer.
    21.   DAUGHTER OF THE SARGE: When Sgt Carter's adopted Korean daughter gets engaged to a Marine he automatically thinks its Gomer.
    22.   OFFICER CANDIDATE GOMER PYLE: Sgt Carter decides to take the Officer Training exam not knowing that Gomer has the same plans- and then passes the test!
    23.   OLD MAN CARTER: The big birthday bash that the platoon throws for Carter just makes him feel 'old'.
    24.   GOMER MAKES THE HONOR GUARD: When Carter has to pick four men from his platoon as honor guards he'll do anything to keep Gomer out of it.
    Disc No: 5
    25.   MY BUDDY- WAR HERO: Gomer acts as go-between to prevent Sgt Carter and his old wartime buddy from coming to blows.
    26.   DOUBLE DATE WITH THE SARGE: As if double-dating with Gomer isnt bad enough Carter faces a financial crisis when their dates order filet mignon.
    27.   THE JET SET: While doing a simple errand downtown Gomer somehow winds up on a round trip flight to Rome.
    28.   SERGEANT OF THE GUARD: Gomer attempts to single-handedly thwart a gang of thieves who have been robbing a Marine warehouse.
    29.   GOMER DATES A MOVIE STAR: Gomer faces a dilemma when he's asked to escort both the Colonel's daughter and a famous movie star to an enlisted men's dance.
    30.   GOMER THE M.P: While on M.P duty Gomer commits a major blunder and marches a government investigator off to the brig.
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